Thank you to everyone who has donated in support of our efforts to protect sea turtles on Edisto Beach.  


Loggerheads ($100 + Donors)

In Honor of Debbie Swartzel
In Honor of Richard & Debbie Swartzel

Amanda Phelps

Brian Cooper

In Honor of Robin McFall & Robin Spencer*

Misty Heyward*

In Memory of Marsha Sullivan*

Tortuga’s Mexican Grill

In Honor of Holly, Braden & Hadley Boswell *

In Memory of Kevin J Lonergan

Mike and Nancy Galli Floyd

Courtney Beeks in memory of Carol Williams

Hatchlings ($50 + Donors)

In Honor of Debbie & Richard Swartzel

In Memory of Bill Crites*

In Memory of Brenda B Nevins*

In Honor of Brenda B Nevins*

In Memory of Brenda Nevins*

Milty Brown*

The Knox Family *

Kay Tisdell *

Phyllis Crawford *

Kathleen Johnson *

In Honor of Adalynn & Briggs Grady*

In Memory of Romey Forest Bridges (1950-2021) *

In Honor of Lisa Wilson (Mother’s Day 2023) *

Almost Heaven *

Tess Bowie *

Molly Padgett*

Rachel Ulmer *

Deb Zweifel *

In Honor of The Brashier Family *

Shelby Rogers *

In Honor of Taylor, Ward, Sarah, Isabelle & Carlisle*

Matt Dailley *

In Honor of Peays & Womacks *

In Memory of Brenda Nevins *

In Honor of Jared Wallace *

Amy Murphy*

Vonda Allen *

The Eady Family *

In Honor of Jacob & Matthew Rients *

The Johnson Five *

In Honor of Mandy Fisher*

In Memory of Mildred S Drew *

Mary Riggs *

Cindy Hartpence *

Gina Groves *

Emily Mains *

In Memory of Virginia Norred *

Stefanie Connolly*

In Memory of Hays Johnson *

In Honor of Susan & Edwin Scott *

In Honor of The Wade Family *

In Memory of Camille Usry *

In Honor of Ella Romero *

In Honor of Scarlett Benson*

In Memory of Dale Villemain *

Michelle Dempsey *

Katherine Burrell *

Kolleen Ulmer *

In Honor of The Lake & Black Families *

In Memory of Alex Shirley *

In Honor of Greg Ulmer *

In Memory of Ann Klein *

In Honor of The Leaphart Family *

Julie Sass *

In Honor of Marc Fisher *

In Memory of Sandy Newton *

Julie Eberlin *

In Honor of MacKenzie O’Dell *

In Honor of The Dirkes Family *

Betty Ferguson *

In Honor of Jim and Kathy Crawford Family *

In Memory of Heather Breaux *

In Memory of Clifton Ellis Tyler *

In Memory of Truman Thompson *

In Honor of Layton, Ella Garland & Carnes *

Susan Moore *

In Memory of Our Loved Ones *

In Honor of Lynne Daly *

Jennifer Wofford *

In Honor of Carolyn Hart & The Beach Babes *

Nik, Jessica, Kylie and Emily Paul *

In Honor of Section A Volunteers *

In Memory of Colton Williams *

In Honor of Donnie & Mary Jane Shuler *

Susan Jenkins *

Dena Gleaton *

In Memory of Joshua William Barfield *

In Honor of Ella and The Porth Family *

Beverly Ulmer *

In Honor of Isla & Hazel Houvourous’ 10th Birthday *

In Honor of Leia Johnson *

Tracy Daggerhart *

In Honor of The Morgan Family *

In Honor of Ellen Tucker Geddes *

In Honor of Michael Johnson *

In Honor of Karen Fisher *

In Honor of Elie and Winnie *

In Honor of the Ferry Family *

In Honor of John Redeen Crosby *

In Honor of Preston and Ning *

In Memory of Reid Batton *

Leslie Lathem *

In Memory of Gage Kennington *

In Honor of The Scoggins Family *

In Memory of Leslie Brown *

In Honor of The Summers Family *

Laney Chinnis *

In Honor of Suber & Michele Epting *

In Memory of MaryAnn McDonald *

In Honor of Brantley Eichman Sandifer *

In Honor of Hal Richardson *

Shirley Smith *

In Honor of Grayson Thomas Johnson *

In Honor of Mrs. Eakin’s Science Class at Brewer Middle School *

In Honor of Smith & Camp Family *

In Memory of Charles E Hutson *

Tim & Robbie Cassel *

Joanne Sullivan *

In Honor of Lila, Sloan and Teagan *

William Fairchild *

William Fairchild *

In Honor of Shelley Brown *

In Honor of the EBLTP volunteers *

Gail & Terry Richardson *

In Honor of “Happy Birthday Burnie!” *

Rosemary Villatoro *

In Honor of Honor, Maggie, Alden & Lydia *

In Memory of Kim Lawson *

In Memory of Rinka, Papa and Grammie *

In Memory of Curtis Lake *

In Honor of Rhonda Sheldon *

In Memory of Will Dunn *

In Honor of Molly Sherman *

In Honor of Lileigh Mazell *

In Memory of Joe & Dixie Mizell “Moma & Daddy” *

In Honor of Bill Hood *

In Memory of Bill and Tracy *

Valerie Green *

Ann O’Connor *

Kay Franklin *

In Honor of Larry Vanderbilt *

Karen Williams *

In Memory of Richard Apostolico *

Courtney Beeks *

In Honor of The Tyvermay Family *

Carolyn McKnight *

Mandy Swofford *

In Memory of Gloria Mack *

Marsha Springer *

In Memory of David H Williamson *

Betsy Neal *

In Honor of Jerolene Shealy *

In Honor of Mia, Gigi & Ceci *

In Honor of The Greene Family *

In Honor of David Barbeau *

In Memory of Joe Sullivan *

In Honor of Delta Zeta – Alpha Sigma Chapter *

Atcha Turner *

In Honor of William Giles *

In Honor of Jacob Giles *

Eddie Donovan *

In Honor of Laura B Roberts *

In Honor of The Hale Family *

Anne Carroll *

In Honor of Truvy Roberts *

In Honor of The Mahar Family *

Courtney Crosby *

John & Renee Howard *

In Honor of Judy Durham *

In Honor of Mary & Larry Bowman *

In Honor of Letitia’s 27th Birthday *

Joseph Kimmet *

In Memory of Leonard B Salley *

Heather Sommerdyke *

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2022 Donors

Loggerheads ($100 + Donors)

In Memory of Pat Trotter Johnson

Julia Blanchard Batchelor Fund

In Memory of Fritz Hood

Tortuga’s Mexican Grill

Anne Cammack – in memory of David Jaquith

In Honor of Carol LeDonne

In Honor of Angela Powers

Chris & Amy Stein*

Palmetto Pretties Boutique

Carli Cooper

Barbara Dillick

Misty Heyward

On Behalf of Jack Love

In Memory of Allen DuBose Cook

Hatchlings ($50 + Donors)

Heather Rose In Honor of Betty White*

In Honor of Taylor Fant*

In Honor of Tara Miller*

In Memory of Brenda B Nevins*

In Honor of Brenda Nevins*

In Honor of Brookfield Elementary 3rd Grade Class*

Betty Ferguson*

In Honor of David & Roberta Winegardner*

Shelley Brown*

Hope Miller*

Tess Bowie*

Susan Dwyer*

In Honor of Claire Twitchell*

In Honor of Leia Johnson*

Ron & Linda Scroggy*

In Honor of Patty Molnar*

In Honor of Mickey & Carol Perrin*

In Honor of Jason Huff*

Amanda Faircloth*

Angie Hickman*

The Ross Family*

In Memory of James Puckett*

In honor of Keelie Summers*

Summer Insabella*

Deborah Tracey*

Tim & Robbie Cassel*

Steven Vanlangendon*

In honor of Scott Deb Bella & Coleton Zweifel*

In honor of Danny Black*

In honor of Kathy Fowler*

In honor of Debbie Brown*

Kolleen Ulmer*

In memory of Romey Forest Bridges*

In memory of Taylor Marie & Olivia Ruth Towne*

In honor of Bunnie Shuler*

In honor of Kim Lindsey*

Almost Heaven*

In honor of The Tregner Family*

In honor of Jim and Kathy Crawford Family*

In honor of The Jablonski’s*

Kelly Nowokunski*

Kyle Hartman*

In honor of The Reaves Family*

Jana Anderson*

In Honor of Pam Combs*

In Memory of Susan Kuzia and John Palmer*

In Honor of Bobby and Anne Reid*

In Memory of Doug Stancil and George Marshall*

In Memory of Leslie Brown*

Leah, Jason, Ben, JT & Paden Rollins*

In Honor of Jude, Omi & Esther*

The Bishop Family*

In Honor of Ava & Maddie Jackson*

In Memory of Coleman Werts*

Amy Murphy*

In Memory of Virginia Norred*

Stephanie Connolly*

Michael Ann Dubiel*

James Gentry*

In Honor of The Knox Family*

In Honor of the Children of Tranquil VBS*

In Honor of Susan & Edwin Scott*

In honor of Hughie Guess*

Susan Irvin*

Cait Maloney*

In Memory of Aunt Geri Zimmerman Warren*

In Honor of Allie Lamb*

In Honor of Avary Lamb*

In Honor of The Scarbrough Family*

Milty Brown*

In Honor of John and Julia Hoar*

The Schwambergers*

In Memory of Vicky Ostendorf*

In Memory of Pedro Robles*

In Honor of The Velez Children*

In Honor of The Metzger Family*

Noel Clark*

In Memory of George D Justice Jr.*

In Honor of Amaya Faith Burnell*

Anne Carroll*

In Honor of Ashley Andrews*

In Honor of Elizabeth Price*

In Honor of Ron & Joann Gilmer*

In Honor of Ben Hazel*

In Memory of Sally B Hardy*

In Honor of Alden & Lydia Wiseman*

In Honor of Honor & Maggie Alfrey*

Rachel Ulmer*

The Ray Family*

In Honor of Sarah, Isabelle, Ward, Carlisle, Taylor*

In Memory of Jim Stein*

In honor of The Delk Family*

In Honor of The Silvernale Family*

In Honor of The Tymayver Family*

In memory of Debra Scruggs*

In Honor of Jennibeth Robles-Velez*

In Honor of Volunteers for EBLTP*

In Memory of Sandra Condon*

In Honor of Jessica Woolum*

Tara & Wesley Manning*

Wes, Daniell, Faith & Paul Rominger*

In Honor of Mrs Eakin’s Science Class Brewer Middle School*

Amelia France*

Donnie & Lisa Wilson*

In Honor of The Thrasher-Bradley Family*

In Honor of Sally & Deveaux Drum*

In Honor of June Sheffield*

In Honor of Kevin Pondy, Cory Upton and Della McConnell*

In Honor of An Illinois Family*

In Honor of Parker and Cooper Randolph*

In Honor of Sherri “Mamoo”*

The Donahue Family*

Greg & Lydia Poole*

In Honor of Mimi’s Sweetgrass girls: Harper, Rowan, & Haven*

Josh Scroggy and Family*

In Honor of Happy Birthday to The Oyster Girls*

Ashley Leaphart*

In Honor of Karla Linder*

In Honor of Alan Brock*

In Honor of Iris Hill*

In Honor of The Greene Family*

In Memory of Melody Carlisle*

Andrew Allgood*

Paula Rominger*

Sandra Puckett*

In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. John Eady

In Honor of Kayne Gantt

Kathleen Johnson

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